Monday, September 6, 2010

Trust Factor through Zen Practice

So, I like to plan and execute on the plan...if things don't go according to my plan, I get upset and I try hard to bring the plan back on track. My mind is conditioned to believe that it can achieve anything as long as it tried hard enough. If it did not get something, it is because it did not try hard enough. Zen has enabled me to see that if I don't get something, first of all - most of the time, it is for my own good and secondly, there are factors other than my own effort that need to come together for any event to happen. My effort is important and required, but is not the sole controlling factor. This was liberating for me, not that it made me utterly peaceful, but it allowed me to relax and let go, at-least once in a while, if not all the time. I did not have the concept of trust - that whatever is happening, is usually for the best and that every one and everything is being taken care of. Sitting on the cushion has enabled me to see that as well.


  1. Myochi,

    This snapped some things into perspective for me. "The plan" is, of course, an event of our thoughts alone. What is, perhaps, more sobering, is that whatever is happening is what's happening, whether for the "good" or not. Picking and choosing a source of suffering.

    When you get to "utterly peaceful" be sure to send a post card!