Monday, March 16, 2009

Greed and tendency to hoard

I have been fascinated with greed lately, to a great extent - with my own greed. The mind easily and happily forgets all that it has and tends to zero in on one thing that it doesn't have and wants desparately (not need, but want). Ah..and once it has that, it just as easily becomes bored with it or takes it for granted and the whole cycle starts again. So, why are we so greedy? Why is there never enough for us?

I have been observing the bird feeder in my backyard. If I fill it up with three cups of birdseed, it takes 3-4 days for it to become empty. The birds don't seem to be greedy and want to hoard all they can while the feeder is out there. While these thoughts have been bubbling in my head, I read somewhere else that animals who hunt for food, only kill and eat what they need. I know there are birds and animals who store food for winter but it seems like they only store what they need. It is only the human race that does not understand the meaning of taking what is needed. It always wants more and more and more.

Why is this? To some extent, we gather because we are afraid that if we don't do so, we will run out of stuff and die. We have no confidence in laws of Universe and its ability to sustain itself, which inlcudes us. Other times, we hoard just because we want to be better than our fellow humans and want to show off our status. Our wants take us to battle fields, lead us to wrong doing, create mental agonies and still is never over. Our needs are always fulfilled, under all circumstances. Even if we think it is not being fulfilled, it indeed is or else we would not be here today as a race. How about if we try to take what we need and leave the rest for others? Next time, we want something, how about if we ask ourselves a simple why before taking any action?


  1. Really wonderful post, and quite timely with everything that is going on economically. I have been pondering some of these very questions recently. Mostly it has been observing how I compare myself with others in relation to what they have that I don't, even though I am completely aware that "having" those things won't bring me happiness. I have to say that in some way I am grateful for the economy having crashed and my husband searching for a job because I am really able to put my practice to practice. It is very eye opening to how far I've come and how far I have to go!

    Thanks so much for sharing your insights.

  2. Thank you Molly. Same here - I find myself wanting even though I know it will not bring happiness or contentment. We are all in this together! Some day we will not be fooled by wants anymore..till then we practice.