Sunday, January 4, 2009

Boiled peanuts!!!

So, here we are, driving back from Florida to NY and DH is getting hungry around 7 PM. I am not very hungry and feel like we can postpone the dinner a bit, but I go along and we take exit 150 on I -95 to Whitaker, NC. We head for a subway which is located in the gas station. DH is ordering sandwiches and I am just looking around - what do I see? Boiled jumbo peanuts in shell! I had never seen boiled peanuts in US and did not know that you can get them like this!! To give you some context, DH and I love boiled peanuts, we get raw peanuts in shell from Indian grocery store and boil them with salt. To find boiled peanuts in that gas station was one of those lovely surprises that life throws at you and a smile comes across your face..I am not sure who to be thankful but I am.

With metta.


  1. Those little moments in life are really important and huge moments. :) Really cute post, thank you.

  2. He he..thans Uku..I feel like that..these little glimpses make me feel if there is a security blanket around me.