Sunday, May 30, 2010

Beyond Preferences

To go beyond preferences, I need to drop both what I prefer and what I don't. I tend to cling to what I prefer and want more and more of it. How is this different from any kind of addiction? I am repelled by what I don't prefer and cringe at it. I really don't have that much control over the mental states that arises based upon conditions. If I get something that I like, I am happy or else I am not. I guess happiness cannot be the destination then, it has to be something beside happiness and sadness. Got to sit more with this. At least, because of the question, I have been sitting more regularly though the trend has been broken for last 4 days. Have an early morning flight tomorrow, probably good time and place to sit.


  1. I've done a lot of sitting on airplanes. Not my ideal setting, but then there is not a whole lot else to do either. Just hope you don't get a chatty neighbor...

  2. ha it was my husband..and I did not sit after all..I ended up sleeping..:-p

  3. Hi Myochi, it's been a while :)

    This has been an issue for me too. Managed to reduce preferences, sometimes up to feel bliss; but I really need more practice to maintain it :D

    BTW; I also sit in public transportations hahaha... really not that bad :D