Monday, September 7, 2009

Balance the equation?

So, this non-dual vs dual nature of universe has been on my mind lately. The more I look, the more I find good and bad together. Seems like there is a design for some of us to do bad, so that others have a chance to do good. Those who are doing "bad", firmly believe that what they are doing is right, which means from their perspective, they are doing good. It is very clear to me know that there is no definition of good or bad. It is a matter of perception, depends on where you are standing and what your circumstances are. And yes, it applies to every thing.

Well, on top of this, I ended up watching the last two movies in Matrix trilogy. It was not a planned activity but happened because I am on vacation and can afford to watch TV late into the night. I think the person who wrote matrix is enlightened. I don't know how they know so much but boy, they do have some facts straight at least. So, the one that resonated most with me was the unbalanced vs balanced equation. The things that were bothering me for some time are --

1. Why is there good and bad?
2. People who do bad are convinced that what they are doing is not bad, so in their mind, they are doing right.
3. There is no self, so there is no entity making up its mind about good or bad.

The statement in matrix was that there are some of us unbalancing equation and others are balancing. If this was not happening, probably no one would have anything to do! And my finding is that every one is balancing and unbalancing the equation. We all are a mix of good and evil, some less, some more.


  1. Ah, The Matrix, one of the best movies ever. Nice post, Taru!

    Agent Smith: You're empty.
    Neo: So are you.


    Be well, peace!

  2. Outside of human mind there is no good or bad. What happens when we eat a cookie while dropping good and bad? What happens when we take out the garbage while dropping good and bad? What's left? Don't say nothing! Don't say everything!

  3. Hi, Myochi. Nice post :)

    Anyway, to me, question about good or bad does not need to be addressed since they are ultimately irrelevant--they are to be transcended. And so thought about balancing and unbalancing. If we strip ourselves of any dualistic judgments, we shall see; there is only flow and ebb of Consciousness... of You, of Me, and of Everything as One :)

  4. Thanks Rizal..:) It indeed is a flow of consciousness!! The problem is that I forget that very often and get cuaght in good and bad. Oh well, that is why I guess we need to practice.

  5. You're welcome :) we all forget quite often, that's why The Masters told us to practice continuously, to maintain the still awareness :) let's practice! :D