Sunday, July 26, 2009

Notion of no-self and the pressure on one self

Right view, right view - what is this right view?,some one asked Buddha. The blessed one said - "It is my dear, the understanding that everything is impermanent and arises because of conditions, nothing exists by itself and in its own right". At another time, Buddha told Bahiya there is "no thing" here - there are just the phenomena like hearing, seeing etc happening. I am not saying at all that this makes a lot of sense when you encounter it first time, but eventually you can start seeing Buddha's point.

The interesting thing is that even though this is Buddha's philosophy, all the texts and all zen writings talk about dhamma in the form of actions of an individual. May be there are texts that talk purely in terms of actions and not actors and I haven't read them yet. And that is how it should be, I guess, till one understands the concept of no-self. HOwever, once if you understand the concept, and thought process still remains as me and others, there will always be guilt and pride. Essentially, everything is just a phenomena and not so much an individual, and it helps to keep the concept strong if one can turn one's thinking in terms of phenomena that are happening, rather than a doer doing an action. It is a shift in the paradigm and quite liberating!


  1. Never thought of it that way before. Everything is just approximate aggregates of on-going active interactions. There is no static thing (not really).

    What seems to be a solid rock is a beehive if sub atomic particle activity. Nothing but non-stop coming and going, action and re-action.

  2. Thanks, Lauren. It is amazing to see how everything is just a matter of perspective and even the most solid thing dissolves when perception shifts.